“The trip was so awesome. It really changed my outlook on life and my relationship with Christ. I didn’t know it was possible to feel as close to Christ as I did when I was in Malawi. The solitude of the grounds and the beauty of all the people made you really see Christ.”

“I am very impressed by Child Legacy’s ministry in Africa. Their dedication to the people in Malawi and surrounding countries inspires me to be more self-sacrificing in all that I do. I was so happy to see them open up a health center at the Child Legacy center in Malawi. This health center is so crucial and necessary in meeting the health needs of the surrounding villages, who had no place to go prior to the establishment of this building. It is also amazing that so many wells have been built and repaired through Child Legacy’s ministry.”

“It was a great experience and will go again in 2015 or 2016.”

“Jeff has great vision for what he wants to accomplish in Malawi.  The work at Child Legacy was very rewarding.  I believe that CLI is doing a great work.”

“First 3-4 days are easy. The Summit morning is very difficult. The climb is not technically hard but is strenuous. You are above 18,000’+ for over 6 hours. The altitude makes this climb hard. It is cold on the mountain. Some people in our group were surprised. You need to bring a zero degree sleeping bag.”